About Dr. Bianca Rucker
Relationship and Sex Therapist (Sexologist) and Approved Supervisor

Services Continuing during the Coronavirus Crisis

We are still providing our therapy services during this coronavirus crisis. Instead of in-office appointments, sessions are done by telephone or using an online telehealth video system. Both options have been working well for clients (individuals and couples).

If you have been referred or just wish to inquire about our services and discuss options, email br@biancarucker.com or call 604-731-4466, where you will be able to leave a voicemail for Dr. Rucker.

Bianca describes how she feels about her marriage counselling and sex therapy work:

Bianca Rucker in her Vancouver counselling office“I am glad to be doing work that I am passionate about! I find that providing relationship and sex therapy to individuals and couples is very rewarding. Not only is it interesting work, but I feel honoured that people respect me sufficiently to open up to me about their most personal problems. It is very fulfilling to be able to participate in such significant changes in my clients’ lives.

In addition to providing sex and marriage therapy, I have lectured on a variety of sex-related topics (and on clinical hypnosis) to the general public and to professionals in Canada, the United States, and Europe. I am also actively involved in teaching and supervising health professionals interested in addressing sexual concerns of their clients.

I have appeared on numerous radio and television programs encouraging people to improve the quality of their intimate relationships.”

For years I have felt confident referring clients to Bianca – she is a superbly talented therapist and she is an Approved Supervisor for other counsellors and therapists!

- Lynn McDonald, MS(MFT), Counsellor, Vancouver, BC

Bianca’s Credentials:

Bianca’s Professional Experience:

It is said the highest praise you can have for another professional is to refer your dearest friends to her. I have done just that with pleasure. We met when I was president of BCAMFT and together we served on the committee that lobbies the government for MFT status as a college. Bianca continues to put her mind and heart into the pursuit of this recognition from which we, as MFT’s and the public, will ultimately all benefit. She keeps us up to date in the area of sex therapy and is BC’s premier sex therapist.

- Ann Evans, AAMFT Clinical Fellow

Teaching and Lecturing:

Bianca has taught and lectured on the subjects of sex therapy and clinical hypnosis in North America and in Europe. Here are a few examples of lectures she has given to professionals over the past several years:

Bianca is a member of the following professional organizations:

Relevant Personal Credentials:

I am a positive, thoughtful person and I lead a well-balanced life. I am happily married — my husband and I have been together for 35 years. We have enjoyed raising three children who are now adults with children of their own.

If you would like to contact Dr. Rucker, please call her at her therapy office in Vancouver, BC. She can be reached by phone at (604) 731-4466 or by email at BR@biancarucker.com.

Bianca Rucker, PhD, RN, RMFT

Registered Nurse & Marriage and Family Therapist

Sex Therapy, Relationship and Couples Counselling, Vancouver, BC

#400 - 601 W. Broadway, (604) 731-4466